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  • Philanthropy and Grants Management

    • Are you interested in supporting causes from world peace to saving puppies?  We are more than capable of helping you realize your vision for positively impacting the planet.  We help manage all aspects of giving that support worthy causes.  Our services include:

  • Sourcing and reviewing proposals

  • Preparing dockets

  • Conducting site visits

  • Coordinating special events

  • Tracking outcomes for our clients; and

  • Helping our clients articulate the impact of their giving through success stories and social media.

  • Health and Human Services Program Management

    • We work with local, state, and federal agencies to help communities and people thrive.  We serve as a bridge to coordinate impactful programming that supports positive health and economic outcomes for people most in need.

  • Community Development and Affordable Housing Consulting 

    • We provide technical assistance to revive commercial districts and to advance affordable housing initiatives that support neighborhood stabilization and community well-being. 

  • Government Affairs and Community Engagement and Impact

    • We serve as the point of contact for community-centric issues and concerns.  We design signature events and programs and represent firms publicly in meetings with internal and external stakeholders. We help drive employee awareness and involvement in community engagement initiatives and proactively work to address internal and external issues that pose reputational risks to business objectives.

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