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Devin Tucker is the principal and founder of yUHabi? Philanthropy Advisors.  He has over 15 years experiences as a leader and consultant in the non-profit field.  His research and policy interests include social determinants of health, bridging the digital divide, asset-building for low-wage households, public education reform, and boosting college access for middle-class families.  Devin is a graduate of Harvard University and St. Louis University.  He is the former Vice-President, Community Service for the Harvard Club of Maryland and is founder of the Arundel Legislative Symposium (ALS).  He is a recipient of numerous awards for civic involvement including the Elijah Cummings Service Award.  Devin is an avid reader and a political junkie of the highest order who enjoys gardening, spending time with his wife, two daughters, and his favorite tabby cat "McFly."   He still aspires to start his own band and a chain of stores to sell the very best tulips imported directly from the Netherlands.  So a future trip to Holland is definitely in order for this aspiring tulips mogul!

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