Faith Based Organizations
COVID-19 Relief Capabilities and Capacity Survey
Houses of Worship in Anne Arundel County, MD 
COVID-19 has placed enormous stress on families.  Fear and anxiety about the virus can provoke strong emotions in adults and children. Homeschooling is a new and interesting adventure for all.  Many people find themselves without enough food, without access to healthcare, or have become newly unemployed because of the pandemic.  Evictions and mortgage defaults could pose significant challenges in the months ahead.  What role can Houses of Worship play in slowing the spread of the virus while meeting key community needs related to healthcare, technology, food, and housing?  Houses of Worship have long been a source of resilience and recovery for marginalized communities.  This survey will help us better understand how Houses of Worship in Anne Arundel County, MD are best positioned to respond to pandemic related needs on behalf of their congregants, parishioners, and community.    This information will be used to plan future webinars with potential donors, community organizations, and governmental entities.

Does your house of worship have a community room/space?
Do you offer transportation via shuttle, van, or bus to your services?
Do you currently have any undeveloped land and or properties?
What are the key needs of your congregants/parishioners/community due to COVID-19?
Which of the following ministries, programs, or group of volunteers do you have to help respond to COVID-19 related needs for your congregants/parishoners/community?
Do you currently have any grants from federal, state, local, or private foundations to help you respond to COVID-19 on behalf of your congregants/parishioners/community?
Which of the following organizations does your house of worship have a current community partneship with? Check all that apply.

Please contact Devin Tucker at if you have questions about this survey.  Thank you.

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